alu- (-d-, -t-)

    alu- (-d-, -t-)
    English meaning: “bitter; beer”
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “bitter, Bier, Alaun”
    Material: Gk. ἀλύδ(ο)ιμον πικρὸν παρὰ ΢ώφρονι Hes., ἀλυδμαίνειν [πικραίνειν?] Hes. (see, however, to meaning Herwerden Lex. Graec. suppl. 45); Lat. alūta “ soft leather; a shoe, purse or patch, beauty patch “ and alūmen “ alum “ are simply extensions from *alu-. The root appears in Northern Europe with the definition “ beer, mead “ (compared to the meaning difference Church Slavic kvasъ “ alum, beer “); in. ǫl n. “ Beer, carousal “, ǫldr n. “Carousal” (*aluÞra-), O.E. ealu(đ) n. “beer”, O.S. in alo-fat, M.H.G. in al-schaf “ drinking vessel”; maybe Alb. alle “red (color of beer?) “ hence from Root al-2 : (to grow; to bear) could have derived Root alu- (-d-, -t-): (bitter; beer). From it borrows O.Pruss. alu n. “Mead”, Lith. alùs (m. become as medùs = Pruss. meddo n .; J. Schmidt Pluralbild. 180), Church Slavic olъ (m. become like medъ) “ beer “. is also borrowed by finn. olut “ Beer “ from Gmc.
    References: WP. I 91, WH. I 34.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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